Exterior view of the Paris office building.

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Enjoy unparalleled variety and services, within a beautiful and sophisticated building in the prestigious 16th district of Paris.

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Paris Trocadéro - a world of possibilities

The Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro is the perfect place to combine business and living. It offers high-quality offices and apartments, retail spaces as well as a variety of catering facilities and services for easier day-to-day living.


Offices – modern and functional

The Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro offers seven floors with office space ranging between 500 and 4,500 sqm spread over three buildings. The offices are generously proportioned, with modern, functional facilities to meet your expectations. With a free floor to ceiling height of 3.90 m, the Paris Trocadéro provides a rare level of comfort.

  • Enjoy the bright and spacious office spaces at the CAPT.
  • A view of a workplace in the office building at Paris Trocadéro.
  • Furnished interior of a Paris Trocadéro office.
  • View of the rooftop terrace at the office building Paris Trocadéro.
  • Rooftop terrace at the office building Paris Trocadéro
  • Lettering “d’Affaires” on outer facade of Paris office building.
  • Garden in the inner courtyard of the CAPT.
  • Inner courtyard at dusk.

One of the highlights is the huge French-style landscaped garden in the grounds, where employees can spend their breaks.

Visitors are welcomed to 112 avenue Kléber via the magnificent entrance lobby overlooking the garden.

Advantages of our office spaces:

  • natural light in the offices
  • generously proportioned, modern and functional facilities
  • three full-time building managers
  • receptionist on duty from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • delivery bay & goods lift
  • 404 basement parking spaces
  • 1,000 sqm of archives
  • security officers on duty 24/7
  • ventilation system allowing flexible office spacing


Apartments – quiet and bright

The Paris Trocadéro offers 6,000 sqm of residential accommodation, which is completely separated from the offices.

The 57 prestigious apartments offer tenants quality accommodation in a unique setting. Sizes range from studios to 9 rooms with areas of up to 435 sqm. The apartments are mainly located on 110 avenue Kléber, 2 and 4 avenue Raymond Poincaré and 4 place du Trocadéro. 

  • Bright, furnished living room at one luxurious apartment.
  • Entry way and door to apartment.
  • Sunny, luxuriously furnished living room with cat.
  • Tastefully furnished entry hall – Paris Trocadéro apartments.
  • Apartment living room with luxurious furniture in the heart of Paris.
  • Paris Trocadero residential area elevator and entrance hall.
  • Paris Trocadéro inner courtyard and green spaces.

Advantages of our apartments:

  • high-end accommodation
  • Haussmann architectural style
  • guarding services and 24/7 security office
  • multitechnical service
  • videophone


Retail – perfect foundation

The Paris Trocadéro offers a variety of services and shops to make life easier. Many of them are on the ground floor of the three buildings so that everyone can enjoy lunch at a restaurant, shop for clothes or enjoy the prestigious terraces along with tourists, residents and office workers.

  • At the foot of the office building you can have lunch at the Mokus.
  • Interior view of the Mokus restaurant at the foot of the Paris Trocadéro office building.
  • Offices, shops and cafes at night at the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro.
  • Interior view of a restaurant at the foot of the CAPT.

In an area of 3,000 sqm you´ll find:

  • CIC
  • Société Générale
  • HSBC
  • La Poste
  • GAP
  • Le Kléber Brasserie
  • Bistro Le Malakoff
  • Café Carette
  • Frog XVI (English ub)
  • White Café (lunch on demand)
  • Mokus (Italian restaurant)

Catering & amenities – at your service

All services and amenities are open to the public as the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro is a public establishment (établissement recevant du public).


Catering services – tasteful and varied

The Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro offers a wide range of catering facilities for a quick break or a business lunch. It is open to visitors on request.

The shared company restaurant is carefully designed to provide a comfortable space. The restaurant’s five themed serveries offer a daily choice. A variety of self-service options is also available. For more information on daily and weekly offers, please visit our intranet.

  • Company restaurant at the Paris Trocadéro office building.
  • Exterior view of the company restaurant and cafeteria at Paris Trocadéro.
Use a private lounge within the office building for your business meeting at Paris Trocadéro.

The Paris Trocadéro Club invites you to reserve one of its private lounges for a business breakfast, lunch or dinner. An experienced chef is on hand, serving high-quality, creative dishes. The newly refurbished, flexible lounges can accommodate a maximum of 50 guests for a sit-down meal and 70 at round tables. For bookings please contact Arpège.

Well laid table with flowers.

The Groom Service offers catering delivered directly to your office. It offers a range of breakfasts, packed lunches, refreshment breaks, buffet meals and cocktail receptions. Your order will be delivered, set out and cleared away by the Arpège team (Tel.: +33 (0)1 56 26 03 48) at the times you request.

The expresso cafeteria is perfect for a relaxing coffee at your workplace in Paris.

The Kiosque is perfect for a morning or afternoon coffee break from Monday to Friday, 11.45 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Relax or chat to your colleagues over a hot drink in this contemporary-style space overlooking a covered internal terrace where you can make the most of the garden.

Arpège: To reserve the auditorium or meeting rooms, for the organisation of your receptions or cocktail parties, or for any information on the additional catering facilities, please contact us:
+33 (0)1 56 26 03 48 or write to us.


Services – for your day-to-day needs

The range of services available at the Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro has been designed to give you complete freedom day to day. Billing for services is completely transparent and based on your actual use.

Frontal view on auditorium in the conference center.

The Conference Centre has secure WiFi access and offers a 140-seat air-conditioned auditorium equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies. For more details, please visit the intranet.

The concierge service is run by Arpège. The no-subscription service offers access to a range of à la carte services including dry cleaning, car cleaning, and much more. For further information please visit the intranet.

The Babilou créche at the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro.

The Babilou Trocadéro shared company crèche welcomes children aged 10 weeks to 4 years, from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. It is split into two sections to meet the specific needs of each age group: babies and toddlers/pre-schoolers. It offers a welcoming environment, with a number of spacious, fun rooms for play.

Find out more about The Babilou crèche

The Hammam at the villa thalgo spa within the building of Paris Trocadéro offers perfect after office hours arrangements

The Villa Thalgo spa, located in a dedicated area of the Business Centre, offers you all the essentials of well-being in a 1,000 sqm area with hammam, gym, swimming pool, beauty treatments, massages and much more.

Find out more about Villa Thalgo

The 1,324 sqm REGUS Business Centre offers comfortable offices on short-term lets (from 3 months to 35 months). A highly responsive, skilled, professional team is on hand to meet your organisation’s needs. For more details, visit the intranet.

A place steeped in history

The Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadero not only offers an eventful history, but also has a rich and fascinating architecture. The classical building has been modernised while keeping the historic features intact.


Architecture – classic with modern comforts

Architectural Hausmann-style of Paris Trocadéro.

Owned since 1910 by Société Générale who used to store its securities in it, the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro was acquired by Union Investment in 2003.

While it was first restructured in 1988, in 2006 Union Investment entrusted Jean-Jacques ORY to develop an ambitious new restructuring project and to give new life to this exceptional urban block, with its high-end materials and impressive volumes.

With a view to enhancing its office spaces and making it a model of Haussmann-style refurbishment, on 27 March 2014 Union Investment obtained the HQE Exploitation certification for the Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro.

  • Red carpet leading to an elevator and staircase.
  • Bright office spaces are one of the many perks of the Centre d’Affairs Paris Trocadéro.
  • Sunny rooftop terrace.
  • Architectural Hausmann-style of Paris Trocadéro.

Everything has been carefully modernised using high-quality materials to create generously proportioned spaces whilst preserving the classical architecture of the early 20th century.

Between 2006 and 2015 the building underwent renovation work in the following areas:

  • parking spaces
  • inner courtyard and terrace
  • fire protection system
  • accessibility and lifts
  • technical equipment
  • heating and ventilation
  • sanitary facilities
  • windows and blinds
  • lighting and energy
  • waste separation system

Parts of the Centre d' Affaires Paris Trocadéro are still undergoing renovation to enable us to offer you the highest possible standard for your apartments and office spaces.


History – a stronghold through time

After the 1910 “flood of the century” – when the Seine River burst its banks – Société Générale decided to build a place for its archives that had been saved from the water. As a result, it purchased the land that would form the majority of the future "Paris Trocadéro” complex on the ‘butte Chaillot’ in the late 1910s. Here it set up and ran its securities storage activities.

Over the years, securities became less important until, in 1970, they were finally computerized and the department was transferred to Nantes.

In 1987 the process of converting and renovating the building began. In 1988 the strongroom was demolished and the office areas renovated and let out to form the “Paris Trocadéro Business Centre” as we know it today.

In 2003 the whole complex was purchased by Union Investment, which renovated it in 2006.

  • White stone front facade of the commercial property Paris Trocadéro.
  • Aerial view of the commercial property in Paris from above.
  • Night time view of inner courtyard at Paris Trocadéro.


By obtaining HQE® certification, Union Investment has confirmed the high quality of the Centre d´Affaires Paris Trocadero restructuring program.

2016 NF HQETM, ISO 50001 certified
Very Good Axe Bâtiment Durable
Exceptional building management rating
2015 introducing charge stations
- 10 % energy usage
Events for sustainability awareness

Union Investment is one of the first European investment managers to pursue an ambitious sustainable development policy in order to get as many assets as possible certified.

Owner & Property management

As responsible real estate managers, the focus of the owner is on the needs of the tenants, the quality of the properties, the environment, and last but not least on commercial success. Accordingly, Union Investment has always regarded proactive tenant support and property management as key.

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH

Union Investment Real Estate headquarters in Hamburg from above.

Union Investment, the owner of the Centre d' Affaires Paris Trocadéro, is a leading European investment manager specialising in open-ended real estate funds for private and institutional investors, currently with assets under management of around 33.4 billion euro.

The portfolio of Union Investment´s real estate funds comprises some 360 properties and projects in Germany and other European countries, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Within the commercial real estate sector, Union Investment is active as an institutional investor and asset manager. The company operates today in 23 countries around the world, with approximately 60% of property assets located in countries outside the domestic market.

For more information, please take a look at www.union-investment.de/realestate

Union Investment Real Estate France SAS

Headquarters of Union Investment in Paris.

Union Investment Real Estate France is an associated company of Union Investment which has been active in France for 16 years, with assets under management of 2.4 billion euro.

Today the portfolio is made up of 19 office, hotel and retail properties located mainly in Paris, but also in dynamic, secondary cities such as Bordeaux, Marseille or Limoges.

Chaired by Tania Bontemps, Union Investment Real Estate France and its teams aim to develop the French portfolio through major acquisitions so as to create architectural and environmental value.

For more information, please take a look at: www.union-investment.fr/


Our partner Savills Gestion is responsible for managing technical and tenancy-related issues. It offers excellent services with an on-site team of three staff, plus the accounts department based at headquarters in Paris.

For more information, please take a look at www.savills.fr/

Mus Buraam

Technical Manager of the building
+33 (0) 1 47 55 41 32

Aurélie Leroux

Property Manager
+33 (0) 1 44 51 77 20

Gerveline Janvier

+33 (0) 1 47 55 40 98

Service & Contact

To find out more about office and retail spaces available to let, or for further information on vacant apartments, auditorium, meeting rooms or catering services, please contact:

Office letting

Marie-Laure Koch

Union Investment Real Estate France
Commercial Director

Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kléber
75116 Paris


Asset Management

Martina Seitz

Union Investment Real Estate France
Asset Manager

Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kleber
75116 Paris


Residential letting

Bérengère Bailot

Union Investment Real Estate France
Responsible for residential letting

Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kléber
75116 Paris


Auditorium and meeting rooms

Anne-Laure Maingonnat
Sales Manager

Centre d'Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kléber
75116 Paris


Catering services and Club

Morgane Lefèvre
Manager of the company restaurant

Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kleber
75116 Paris



Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadéro
112 Avenue Kleber
75116 Paris

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